Best Used Elliptical For the Home

We get asked a lot here " what is the best elliptical machine" our answer is usually it depends! You should be looking for the best features that best suits the user or users. The Great thing is that all elliptical trainers  are low impact and most come with heart rate monitors large array of resistance levels and a selection for workout programs as a standard. The Biggest differences usually are the stride length, whether or not its an adjustable stride, other differences are just aesthetic meaning where the unit is front drive or rear drive in my opinion this is not relevant at all the mechanics of the machine itself. Cross-trainers or ellipticals either come in Lower body only or total body configuration which include the upper body in there strides. The Total body unit ten to be a little easier since your incorporating your arms to help along with the stride and give you a little more of a full body workout and are a great option for people who do not strength train their upper bodies on a regular basis. Adjustable incline on Ellipticals is also another way that ellipticals can vary and with this particular feature it allows the user a little more adjustability with the stride length and can help when a home has multiple users that are different heights and stride lengths. All that being said a good home units will include all or almost all the following features:

  • heart rate monitor ( necessary )
  • some sort of resistance systems ( magnetic resistance or alternator style) 
  • cup holder or water bottle holder ( not necessary )
  • Tablet holder ( not necessary) 
  • workout programs ( necessary) great way to get motivated and test yourself 

Home ellipticals can come from all different manufacturers, we often recommend used commercial units to heavy users or people who are very familiar with ellipticals that they currently use at there local gym that they are comfortable on. The amount of use come into play when finding your workout machine as well as price point .  Just remember if you buying a used elliptical, they have limitations like warranties that won't match the length of time from a new one. They great part is the amount of saving you will be getting when buying a used. In my personal experience Precor are the best for the home since they offer the most amount of adjustability with adjustable incline magnetic resistance and a large array of workout programs and a large number of models with different features Precor has you covered. I am biased toward the total body units since they have the adjustable incline and the upper body arms that can really give you a cardio workout that is killer.  Now commercial Precor's are really big and heavy so be sure you have enough room in your home gym set up. This type of fitness equipment is not easy to move around at all so be sure to know where you're going to set it up before making this purchase.  A close second as far as used ellipticals for the home, I'd go with the Life fitness integrity or 91xi crosstrainer , these are the same quality and will hit the same muscle groups as the Precor but the life fitness really lacks in the fact that it does not have all the adjustability. The life fitness is a lot smaller than the Precor is and has the same resistance mechanism as an exercise bike so it's a very simple exercise machine. The adjustable resistance on it is not as smooth but very reliable since life fitness has been using it for many years that they have perfected it at this point. 

Bottom line, if your shopping for an elliptical with good "elliptical reviews" that are going to give you that low impact workout and help with weight loss, Look what a use Precor or life fitness elliptical can provide. They are both high-end units that are usually out of the average home's price range , so take advantage of the used market and save on a great piece of exercise equipment that will get you to where you want to be health wise. 

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