Torque Tank M4

All-New TANK M4 Fosters Intense Love-Hate Relationship

Fully embodying “Hurts So Good,” the all-new TANK M4 All-Surface Sled from Torque Fitness is poised to expand the passionate, love-hate relationship of its predecessor, the TANK M2, the first All-Surface Sled, among athletes, fitness icons, celebrities and exercisers worldwide.

“The TANK is by far the most devastating piece of conditioning equipment I’ve ever run into,” said Mark Bell, professional powerlifter whose accomplishments include a 1,080-pound squat and a 578-pound bench press.

Extending the popular all-surface sled category, the new TANK M4 boasts the same Mag-Force Resistance™ as the TANK M2, in which the faster you push, the harder it gets, so users never plateau. The TANK M4 uses a double braking system, with levers on each side that control the resistance.  Unlike the M2, which requires a minimum of 270 pounds of added weight, the M4 does not need additional weights, thereby making individual and group training more efficient.

Also standard on the TANK M4 are Torque’s ergonomic Performance Handles, which curve inward and forward to put users in a lower, more natural running position and place less stress on the shoulders. A secondary horizontal grip position offers variety and a higher attachment point for pulling movements.

Optional weight horns facilitate added traction for intense towing work, and a built-in accessory tray provides convenient storage of training accessories on the go.

“As we saw how the TANK not only pushed people beyond their limits, but also kept them coming back, we were driven to take this popular tool from good to great,” said Jerry Dettinger, CEO of Torque Fitness. “The TANK M4 is a testament to our passionate commitment to constant innovation and product improvement.”

Like the TANK M2, the new M4 model also includes:

  • Four adjustable resistance levels
  • All-surface capability – carpet, turf, rubber or outside
  • Electrostatic paint coating for safe outdoor use
  • Rubber coating on handles for a firm, comfortable grip
  • Tow hooks on both sides for pulling and battle rope exercises

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